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Citrus fruit inspiration

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orange-bearing origami crane

Unsuccessful limeade

Unsuccessful limeade

It’s summer! Yippee!

It is going to be super hot this whole week, and I must be the only person in the entire city that is happy about it. Hot weather releases not just the tension in me, but directs my inspiration and creativity in new directions, ones that only intense heat can trigger.

Lately, it’s all about sour/sweet tastes, and the image of citrus fruit. I made a rather unsuccessful limeade over the weekend, but with limes at 10 cents a piece, I can try again, and again, until I get the right tartness and sweetness to my taste.

Needless to say, I was very excited to see Zefi’s latest creations, also inspired by citrus (and other) fruit. As we ‘ve both been busy, we haven’t had much time to communicate directly, so I only found out by looking at the new listings at our shop about the latest version of her super-successful crane origami earrings, which are now carrying around oranges  instead of babies! These, and more, are available at KatZefi!

Author: Kat&Zefi

Hello, and welcome to the crazy and creative world of Kat and Zefi. Two friends, separated by an ocean and nothing else. Zefi lives with her daughter, husband, and 2 mischievous cats in our hometown, Thessaloniki, in Greece. Kat lives in New York with her 2 sons, husband, and a fluffy cat that always wants to know what's going on. We have been creating together since we were 11, but making things is only one of the things that keeps our friendship fresh.

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