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Thanksgiving in Rhode Island

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In the last few years we have made a new tradition of spending Thanksgiving in Rhode Island. It started with the invitation of dear friends who live there, and evolved to a 3-day vacation we look forward to each year. For me, being by the sea adds a special value to the destination. Not that I don’t enjoy sightseeing everywhere else, but just walking at the beach and being deafened by the roar of the sea is enough for me.

I was quite touched to see this pumpkin left out at the beach. I like to think that it was someone’s offering to the sea. A very New England image, a pumpkin and the waves. An offering to the sea for all it gives us, material and not. I add my thanks to it, and to the person who left it.


Author: Kat&Zefi

Hello, and welcome to the crazy and creative world of Kat and Zefi. Two friends, separated by an ocean and nothing else. Zefi lives with her daughter, husband, and 2 mischievous cats in our hometown, Thessaloniki, in Greece. Kat lives in New York with her 2 sons, husband, and a fluffy cat that always wants to know what's going on. We have been creating together since we were 11, but making things is only one of the things that keeps our friendship fresh.

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